FileFactory - Upload Your Files And Get Paid From Your Downloads


FileFactory allows you to host your files on their high speed servers and giving you a huge 300MB files size limit. Your files can be downloaded for an unlimited number of times and you don't even have to register at all.

You can upload many types of files for example documents, musics, movies, zips, rar and many more. There are totally no restrictions on the number of times your file can be downloaded.

You can create a free filefactory account easily and organize your files into folders quickly and simply. There are also private settings that can limits a person who can download your files.

Filefactory also has other free services such as creating slideshows in which you can creat some cool effects, add text, resize and rotate your images then embedded your slideshow that you have just created into your website or blog.

At filefactory you can store your files up to 90 days without being deleted before you or your friends have a chance to download them. Everytime your file is being downloaded it will increase it lifetime to another 90 days.

For every successful completed download you will earn 1 point. You can use your points to generate cash or tokens. Each tokens worth 10,000 points and it is a unique code in which you can use it only once. Each tokens are also equal to 30 days free filefactory premium membership account or you can use it to extend your own premium account if you already have one.

Filefactory payment are given out on every 15th day of the following month for example if you have converted you point this month then you will get paid on the 15th day of the next month.

Filefactory also give you addition 500 bonus points if you refer new members to sign up at filefactory and upgrade their account to premium.

FileFactory Rules And Terms Of Service

In order to get paid for your upload you must first login in to your account and upload your files from there.

You won't get any points if the sizes of your files is smaller than 1MB or larger than 100MB including download by premium members.

Only unique completed downloads are counted and never try to manipulate your own account statistics.

You will need to have premium account before you can receive cash payment and get paid to your paypal account.

Never share your premium account with anyone. If filefactory detected this then your account will be closed immediately without any warning.

FileFactory Rewards

Offer #1

Every 10,000 points are equal to $10 USD. Once your account have reached 20,000 points then you can choose to redeem your points to cash.

Offer #2

Each 10,000 points equals to 1 token and each token can be swapped for a free 30 days filefactory premium membership. You can apply the token to your own account or give it away to your friends to use it.

Offer #3

Win a free Xbox 360 for those who generated the highest points in the year 2008.

Offer #4

Each time you send traffic to filefactory and the user upgrade their account to premium then you receive free 500 bonus points!

Offer #5

By becoming filefactory premium member you will get addition 2,000 bonus points free right to your account.

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